The City of Pittsburg, and Why You Should Visit.

The City of Pittsburg, and Why You Should Visit.

Known for being the second-largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, the City of Pittsburg has not been really the most popular among the tourists. This is due to the fact that over the past few years, it hasn’t really had that many attractions for tourists to visit. The Steel City lost a lot of its inhabitants when the deindustrialization period started, and since then it has never been the same. 

Until recently! Pittsburg has once again opened its doors to the people of the world to visit. Just as long as everybody practices social distancing and wears masks. So if you’re planning to visit the Steel City, then here are some of the best reasons to do so! 

A Grand Entrance. 

It is a city with one of the best and most beautiful welcomes to all those new. As you emerge from the Fort Pitt Tunnel, you will be greeted with a spectacular view of the city, as well as three rivers meeting at one point. This is a pretty famous tourist destination, as this is the only city where you can actually experience such a beautiful scene. 

Just remember that when you do go there, try practicing social distancing as a lot of other people will most likely show up as well. And it would be best to also sanitize, just to be extra safe out there. 

A City of Rivers and Bridges. 

The Steel City lives up to its name, as it is one covered in more than 400 bridges. This is thanks to the fact that the city is just beside 3 three rivers, so for easier access, the people from before used steel in order to get to the other side. This also allows easy access to the different parts of the city, which can be pretty convenient for you, especially since it’ll be your first time traveling here.

The Nightlife. 

Now, most people wouldn’t think much of the nightlife of a city like Pittsburg. Often times, it’s seen as really boring or probably non-existent even. But in reality, the nightlife in Steel City is very much alive and kicking. And you yourself can experience this when you know the right places. 

Pittsburg has bars like the Thunderbird Cafe where you can enjoy a night out with your friends and have a bottle of beer or two. But if you’re really looking for that high paced and wild night, then the Club Cafe is the place to go. There are more all around the city, but that’s up to you find now. Also, Pittsburg has produced some pretty amazing local bands out here as well. So if that’s more of your vibe, then watch out for Anti-Flag, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and The Cynics


The City of Pittsburg has been seen as a boring and uneventful place for long enough. Though its history has been tough, it has remained tougher, much like the steel it once produced. Steel City is ready to show the world a brighter and better place for them to enjoy. So if you’re ever around, have a look, you might be able to have the time of your life here! …