Baltimore Restaurant Spotlight: Mama’s on the Half Shell

Baltimore Restaurant Spotlight: Mama’s on the Half Shell


Baltimore, Maryland is a city of incredible diversity, intensity, and of course, food. Specifically, Baltimore is known for its incredible seafood – from shrimp to crab to lobster, they’re the undisputed kings of it. Many restaurants in the area lay claim to being the King of Seafood Kings, but Mama’s on the Halfshell, an eatery opened in 2003, may be the true best of ‘em all. But first, we need to understand what foods make Baltimore so unique. 

Seafood: A Quick Guide 

Blue Crabs 

Blue Crabs are linked with Baltimore as much as apple pie is linked with America. Blue Crabs’ popularity in Maryland is actually due simply to the state’s four-season cycle. Over the winter, the Blue Crabs go into hibernation and that’s where they create fat reserves. These fat reserves then create a distinct and deep flavor profile that keeps tourists and locals hungry for more. So, thank nature next time you’re at Mama’s. 

Crab Cakes 

You may be able to get crab cakes elsewhere in America, but the highest quality of cakes remains in baltimore. Crab Cakes can vary a bit, but at its core, it’s crab meat and perhaps some mayonnaise with a crispy breading. Interestingly, the first use of the term ‘crab cake’ dates back to a book called New York’s World Fair Cook Book. In the book, they’re called ‘Baltimore Crab Cakes.’ Fitting. 

Mama’s: A Return to Tradition 

Mama’s on the Half Shell, going on two decades of service, is the epitome of Baltimore flavor and originality and a shining example of Baltimore’s food scene. 

Mama’s mission, as natives of the city, was originally to create a dining experience they felt was missing in the city: a classic place to sit and enjoy a meal in the style of yesteryear. They wanted to conjure a vibe like that of Conollys, a Baltimore institution for many years. 

They view their place as a catch-all: whether you’re conducting a meeting, celebrating a birthday, or just going out for lunch, Mama’s is the place to be. They’re open for business during COVID-19 and offer an extensive menu of seafood treats. Grab a classic crab cake, or some classic Maryland crab soup. You really can’t go wrong!…